Sunday, June 9, 2013

Parklife Day 1, Manchester 8th June 2013 7/10

This Manchester festival has a new location from this year, and the amazingly sunny weather was reminiscent of Coachella (except for being a pleasant 10C cooler). Heaton Park was a scenic location, and the emphasis on public transport meant the tiny minority who had to drive faced no traffic jams and only a short walk to the parking (in stark contrast to the car centric Indio). Yet, whilst the atmosphere was appropriately festive, the musical lineup for my taste was thin, with a concentration on electronic music, a few guitar bands, and no representation at all of folk and roots music.

The Temper Trap 8/10

This Australian band was the highlight of my day, with a lively stage presence, tight sound and most notably  brilliant falsetto vocals from lead singer Dougy Mandagi.

The Maccabees 7/10

There was an amazing atmosphere for the London rockers as the sun went down, and their extensive festival experience was evident in the stage craft. Yet, I didn't really fall in love with the music.

Jessie Ware 7/10
I felt Jessie Ware put on a stronger performance in the tent at Coachella than on the main stage here, yet she worked the crowd effectively, regularly coming to the edge of the stage and giving a charismatic little wave, and her vocals were flawless.

Disclosure 6/10
The British electronic group is riding high with the recent release of their debut Settle. Yet, the lack of space and absence of crowd management led to a less than comfortable crush, and despite the lighting, it didn't do much to change my mixed feelings about the album.

Rudimental 5/10
The British electronic band clearly have popular appeal, and the crowd atmosphere in the afternoon heat was phenomenal, especially for the closing Feel The Love. For me though there was too much of the routine about their mix of dubstep, drum 'n bass and garage to feel a desire to explore them further.

Parklife Day to Night

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