Thursday, June 9, 2016

Primavera Sound 2016 Day 1

Andy Shauf 8/10
The Canadian singer songwriter performed in the Parc del Forum's indoor auditorium, to an attentive, seated audience. The folk inspired set perhaps lacked variety of mood, but it was exceptionally tender and sensitively delivered.

Julien Baker 9/10
Since I first heard her album, Sprained Ankle, last year, I've been eagerly awaiting the chance to see this Tennessee singer songwriter. Performing solo, she was beautifully nuanced and hers is one of the performances of this Festival I'll look back on most fondly.

Daughter 9/10
Not to Disappear is one of my favouriate albums of 2016, and the British band happily was able to communicate their delicate, sad emotion wonderfully to such a huge crowd. My highlight of day 1.

Air 5/10
Alas, my first experienced of this French band was marred entirely by drunk, British talkers all around me; the density of the crowd made it impossible to move further forward, and as noted in my introduction, the comparatively limited volume levels exacerbated the situation.

Explosions in the Sky 8/10
The post-rock band from Texas were one of the surprises of the Festival: despite the lack of vocals, their set was absolutely thrilling, maintaining a high level of tension and great collaboration.

John Carpenter 7/10
The American film director deserves an award for the most enthusiastic banter of the Festival, and his band provided accomplished musical input. This was one of his first performances, and illustrates that Primavera is not bound to convention in its booking.

Mbongwana Star 7/10
The Congolese band put on a spirited performance, though I enjoyed the performance more on a smaller indoor stage at Coachella, when I hadn't been awake for 20 hours.

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